Getting there

Driving - As you turn off towards the village from the D620, drive up the road lined on either side by trees, as shown on the photo.

The villa is the first house on the right just after the sign saying Rivel, showing that you have entered the village proper. The address is 21 Allee des Platanes and the number is on the gatepost. The house has a large laurel hedge that runs along the side of the garden after the gate.If you pass the post office (Bureau de Poste) on the left in the centre of Rivel you have gone about 200 metres too far!

By Air - Many of the budget airlines, in particular Ryanair, Easyjet, Flybe, and Jet2 serve airports within driving distance. Some of the budget airlines have flights operating only at certain times of the year or their frequencies vary depending on the season. However, Toulouse is France’s second city and has incoming scheduled flights from several major international destinations all year round.

Driving times to the airports  and distances are taken from

  • Carcassonne - 56 minutes - 54 km
  • Perpignan - 1 hour 26 minutes - 90km
  • Toulouse - 1 hour 37 minutes - 126km
  • Bézier-Vias - 1 hour 50 minutes - 154km
  • Montpellier- 2 hours 20 minutes - 212km
  • Girona- 2 hours 32 minutes - 204km
  • Nimes- 2 hours 43 minutes - 260km

By Train -There are main  railway stations at:

  • Carcassonne – normal trains and TGV (high speed) station - 57 minutes - 55km by car
  • Toulouse- normal trains and TGV station - 1 hour 29 minutes - 115km by car

And your nearest local stations are-

  • Pamier - 50 minutes - 48km -trains from Toulouse
  • Limoux - 30 minutes - 30km -trains from Carcassonne and Perpignan